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Holidays in Italy


Holidays with the whole family in a resort at the long sandy beaches of the Adriatic sea, a cultural journey through the beautiful cities of the Toscana, a romantic weekend in Venice, a holiday in one of the famous winter- sport regions of the Dolomites, a culinary journey to enjoy the traditional delicacies and excellent wines… all that and much more is possible in Italy!
The variety of offers is so great that nobody can claim to have seen everything: there’s always something new to discover, so that it’s always worth to come again!
Italy is an ideal destination in all seasons: In winter you have the possibility to ski in the Dolomites – and besides you can discover the cultural treasures of the region Veneto. Spring is suitable perfectly for a visit of one of the great cultural cities, as Rome, Florence, Neapel and Palermo. In the south it is quite warm already in March and April, and the nature there is advanced in contrast to Austria: everything is blooming and people that like to take a sunbath can already lie on the beach for some hours!
In Italy the word “summer” means first of all holidays in a resort: The beaches of Veneto and Emilia-Romagna are known in the whole world and offer a varied programme and a vivacious night-life. Discover the hinterland out from Rimini: Ravenna with its mosaics, the small, independent country San Marino, the beautiful cities Bologna and Ferrara…But also in the south there are many possibilities to take a bath! The islands Capri and Ischia have always been a popular destination for international VIPs and for enthusiasts of a wellness-holiday. Also in Sicilian or in the nearly unknown Calibre or Apulia you can spend an unforgettable holiday.
Especially in autumn it’s worth visiting Italy! One, also for Italians very popular possibility to spend the holiday, is the so-called “Agriturismo”, the Italian version of “holidays on a farm”. There you can sleep amongst nature on an estate or wine-growing-estate. You have the chance to enjoy the delicacies of the traditional cooking, to try the local wines ant to go on wonderful trips. Many “Agriturismo”- farms are equipped very modern – for example with a pool and wellness-possibilities – to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

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